G.Edward Smith

I was diagnosed with Agoraphobia and Bipolar Manic Depression some years back, and that has opened my eyes to a whole new world of introspection, thought, and way of life. I stay inside a lot with Serica, my cat and sometimes walk around the lakes surrounding my house taking my camera and trying to catch some of nature’s beauty and stillness. Of course, I love to read every chance I get, and I am always looking for that next great story.

Origins of G.Edward Smith

I was born in Ohio in October 1974. After graduating from high school in Indiana, I wandered around the states for a few years playing in bands, you can check out some original music on the top right of my home page, before joining the Army as a satellite communications technician. I spent two years with the 101st Airborne, thirteen months in Afghanistan, and two years in Alaska before returning home to Indiana. 

Why I write:

1) Writing relaxes me in a way that nothing else ever has..
2) I get to create an imaginary world populated with characters that are as confused, anxious, scared, brave, heroic, and evil as I am or sometimes want to be..
3) Writing is amusing and frustrating—a great combination.
4) I love creating something out of nothing. And so on and so on. My genre of interest is mystery/suspense/thriller with a touch of murder and horror thrown in for good measure.
lost in between

My writing:

W hile I'm always wondering about the world and it's people around me I only sit down to write when I have an intriguing first few lines plotted in my head. I never write chronologically so as ideas come to me I skip ahead and then connect the dots later on. The ending is never the last thing to be written. This style has forced me to edit as I write and, I believe, has improved my literary skills..