G. Edward Smith

August 6, 2019

How Not To Begin Your Novel.

A bad start to your story can be devastating for your book. What are the top no-nos to avoid when trying to entice your readers to […]
August 5, 2019

Every Last Drop Of Hope

Kirkland ran his hand across his beard wiping away the excess blood.
August 5, 2019

The Strangest Cryptid You’ve Never Heard Of.

I came across this creature the other day and decided it was truly a strange example of possible cryptids out there in the unknown. What’s your […]
August 5, 2019

Question Of The Week

Do you begin your stories with pencil and paper or the computer?
August 4, 2019


β€˜Still nothing. Why can’t I get them to notice me?’ Bradley knew he was dead; he remembered everything.
August 4, 2019


I thought this word would have an older origin. I wonder if the word has carried the controversy it has today during it’s whole of existence? […]
August 4, 2019

Rays of Sun

In six words, tell your story of the above picture.
August 3, 2019

How To Come Up With A Title For Your Book.

Titles can be difficult to come up with. They have to stand out from the crowd and entice readers to pick up your book. So, how […]
August 2, 2019

How To Write A Book Blurb.

I talked earlier about how to craft a great first page; you can read that here (GedwardSmithBlog.com). Now let’s talk about writing that all-important book blurb. […]