Flash Fiction

August 5, 2019
Every Last Drop of Hope

Every Last Drop Of Hope

Kirkland ran his hand across his beard wiping away the excess blood.
July 30, 2019
Controlled Burn

Controlled Burn

“I must have redemption,” Sophia assured herself. “With this match I am reborn.”
April 22, 2019
We Are Everywhere

We Are Everywhere

“You’ve been detected,” one of the watchers said dryly.
April 26, 2019
A Sister's Choice

A Sister’s Choice

The curved blade of the knife glided with ease across the woman’s neck as she crumpled to the ground.
November 9, 2019
Dead Stones

Dead Stones.

There he was. Sitting like nothing had happened. Like the past few days had meant nothing. How could a man go through so much and react […]
October 22, 2019
Broken Family Tree

A Broken Family Tree

Daniel Cooper sat in his office chair behind his imitation oak desk, gazing at the clock’s hands move the way only a clocks hands can move. Ogilville Indiana sat perched on a Friday evening, waiting for the weekend to unfold.
November 8, 2019
Finally Free

Finally Free

Lilly ran out the backdoor and over to the nearest house, which was her grandmother’s. Pounding on the door, she screamed, “Call 911.” While the police […]
July 27, 2019
The Gathering of Innocence

The Gathering Of Innocence

Today is a great day. Today you all turn eighteen. With your action today you will prove your devotion to God, country, and your future.
July 16, 2019
Happily Ever Never

Happily Ever Never

With the final limb severed, Kyle looked down with pride at his work. “Another masterpiece, unfortunately, this is the last one.” This was the ‘last’ one […]
  • "Sun covered darkness. Cowardly in starkness. I live and begin..." ~ G.Edward Smith

  • "Withering in this wanting. A growling and grunting. If only you were here..." ~ G.Edward Smith

  • "I am looking forward. Moving slowly toward. My head is heavy with dreams..." ~ G.Edward Smith

  • "Yet again the skies open. The suns rays I can't recall them. Crawling into my thoughts..." ~ G.Edward Smith

  • "Why can't you relive? Unable to give. Caught in a desperate cycle..." ~ G.Edward Smith

  • "Like Romeo and Juliette. The stage is set. Together in eternity..." ~ G.Edward Smith

  • "We have set ourselves apart. Destruction from the start. For whom will it toll?" ~ G.Edward Smith

  • "A growing hope of transcendence. Throwing off the resistance. Heading onward and over..." ~ G.Edward Smith

  • "Try as I may. This memory will decay. Reliving once more..." ~ G.Edward Smith

  • "My eyes have failed. The ships of understanding sailed. I can't wait any longer..." ~ G.Edward Smith

  • "Would've. Could've. Should've... You are me." ~ G.Edward Smith

  • "What becomes of you. Unlock and walk through. Lifted above the chains..." ~ G.Edward Smith

  • "I stood my ground. She drifted all around…" ~ G.Edward Smith

  • "Welcomed by those. What has she chose? The world awaits..." ~ G.Edward Smith

  • "A single reflex. To hide the defect. I find solace..." ~ G.Edward Smith

  • "This is said to be true. No one can erase it but you. The moment is here..." ~ G.Edward Smith

  • "Would you like to learn to fly? Would you like to see me try? At the edge..." ~ G.Edward Smith

  • "The remembrance of a song. The moment has gone. Tonight we see..." ~ G.Edward Smith

  • "Ever the distance fills. A fright full of thrills. Soon this must end..." ~ G.Edward Smith

  • "She doesn't seem to be. At a loss to see. I can only believe..." ~ G.Edward Smith

  • "Lost all the while. Swimming in your smile. Can't believe what I've seen..." ~ G.Edward Smith

  • "Time is rushing out. Nothing to dream about. This careless night..." ~ G.Edward Smith

  • "Trusting in you. A finding that grew. Hope, fear, and simplicity..." ~ G.Edward Smith

  • "What will you see? Attempting to be. Another lost emotion." ~ G.Edward Smith

  • "Ready for yesterday. Now that you have troubled today. Always remembering..." ~ G.Edward Smith

  • "An evolution of being. To shed our grieving. One step closer..." ~ G.Edward Smith

  • "Alone with the cold. A feeling to be told. Where land meets sky..." ~ G.Edward Smith

  • "The pulling of the tide. The city sleeps tonight. Tomorrow we shall witness..." ~ G.Edward Smith

  • "Drifting in and away. Losing my grasp, want to stay. Dwelling on the stars..." ~ G.Edward Smith

  • "She stands before. Restless for more. An end must be near..." ~ G.Edward Smith

  • "Carried away on bristled breeze. Under sky and over trees. A new home awaits my being..." ~ G.Edward Smith

  • "Willful to the last. This to will pass. I knew of nothing..." ~ G.Edward Smith

  • "Once we were free. Together to be. A frozen moment of love..." ~ G.Edward Smith

  • "The distance grows. And remembering it shows. How can we move on..." ~ G.Edward Smith

  • "Resting is out of reach. So many to meet. I'll wait no more..." ~ G.Edward Smith

  • "Everybody's got to learn sometime. Is this time mine? I recall the night..." ~ G.Edward Smith

  • "Cautiously waiting. Wondering and faining. This is fulfillment..." ~ G.Edward Smith

  • "I wanted vengeance. I got justice. In the end, it wasn't enough..." ~ G.Edward Smith

  • "The long hours done. My freedom to become. Sleep is calling me..." ~ G.Edward Smith

  • "A lasting of fright. Carried all year through night. All Hallows Eve is with you..." ~ G.Edward Smith

  • "Throughout the morning. A release of yearning. Why must you go?" ~ G.Edward Smith

  • "Somber is the silhouette. Darkness against set. You and I are here." ~ G.Edward Smith

  • "Who am I to say? Every day is slipping away. Tomorrow should tell." ~ G.Edward Smith

  • "The fight is relentless. No comfort or forgiveness. She stands her ground..." ~ G.Edward Smith

  • "Forget yourself at light. Hold on to the night. Truth is hidden there..." ~ G.Edward Smith

  • "Tempted and wanting more. She stood just outside the open door..." ~ G.Edward Smith

  • "Some prefer the day. In which the sun reigns. But give me the night. Where moonlight rains..." ~ G.Edward Smith

  • "Through the window, I stared. With eyes of open wonder, she glared..." ~ G.Edward Smith

  • "This the season to wither. The call is strong and bitter..." ~ G.Edward Smith

  • "One can be so alone. Only then are we shown..." ~ G.Edward Smith

  • "This ambiguity ruins me. You too will see..." ~ G.Edward Smith

  • "Sullen in my thought. May this day run free and never be caught..." ~ G.Edward Smith

  • "Some prefer the day. In which the sun reigns. But give me the night. Where moonlight rains..." ~ G.Edward Smith

  • "Three ravens at my door. One is simply looking. While the other two want something more..." ~ G.Edward Smith

  • "A woven tapestry of static. With dread, we reach to grab it..." ~ G.Edward Smith

  • "A murder has found me. By numbers more than three..." ~ G.Edward Smith

  • "Those one's that stare. Are given to bare. When they disappear, no one cares..." ~ G.Edward Smith

  • "One way out and two ways in. Crumpling to the ground, waiting for it to begin..." ~ G.Edward Smith

  • "Whispered in the air among the trees. One either disagrees or believes..." ~ G.Edward Smith

  • G.Edward Smith

    "A melody so sweet. In between we meet. A song that can't be heard..." ~ G.Edward Smith

    G.Edward Smith
  • G.Edward Smith

    "Somethings are here to stay.I love you yesterday..." ~ G.Edward Smith

    G.Edward Smith
  • "You find you. What will you do? Love is something we all are due... " ~ G.Edward Smith

  • "Growing with slowness. Wishful for oneness. To become wanted and adorned..." ~ G.Edward Smith

  • "Together from two. Pulled from you. Now I am alone..." ~ G.Edward Smith

  • “The dreamer's dream. With worlds to be seen. A journey to be taken...” G.Edward Smith

  • “If only to realize. In the end I died. The story had lied...” ~G.Edward Smith

  • “I am where you want me. From here I see. To be another beside you...” ~G.Edward Smith

  • “A singular moment. Never to be again. Remember, understand, and begin...” ~G.Edward Smith

  • “Fading from this fight. Discarded from the light. I am here once again... ” ~G.Edward Smith

  • “Many will go.So few to return.We mourn what we learn...” ~G.Edward Smith

  • “Trying to overcome. The night is done. At waters edge and wanting... G.Edward Smith” ~Virginia Woolf

  • "Strewn across the ground. This feeling I have found." ~ G.Edward Smith

  • G.Edward Smith

    "The time has come. The inner laughter has gone. I wish you to come along..." G.Edward Smith

    G.Edward Smith
March 8, 2019
A Disturbing question

A Disturbing Question

“Where are we?” He asked the man in front of him. Nothing. No answer.
March 29, 2019
Somethings Never Change

Somethings Never Change

‘I just want this to end and forget everything.’ Dorian thought to himself as he stood in front of the mirror. His eyes sunken, hair tangled, and his skin a pale remembrance of its former self.
April 1, 2019
Center of the Maze

At The Center Of The Maze

Gloria Gallow had always kept her gift to herself. The best-kept secrets, she figured, were the ones you held onto by yourself. So, her ability to read minds was always left unsaid.
April 1, 2019
A Sense of Self

A Sense Of Self (Mystery Short Story)

She flipped through the pictures quickly; she did not want to look at these criminals and locked in on one particular portrait. The eyes were unforgettable; the thin lips spread in that terrifying expanse across his face.
April 5, 2019
Friend & Foe

Friend & Foe

“I will stop you from telling them about me. In fact, I will keep you from talking at all.”
April 8, 2019


Bradly knew he was dead; he remembered everything. The noose, the chair, and most of all his wanting desire to prove an existence after death.
April 19, 2019
A Most Effective Program

A Most Effective Program

“Dr. Nethers? Neil Nethers?” The nurse asked. “Yes.” “Dr. Sudekus is expecting you.”
April 22, 2019
We Are Everywhere

We Are Everywhere

“You’ve been detected,” one of the watchers said dryly.
April 26, 2019
A Sister's Choice

A Sister’s Choice

The curved blade of the knife glided with ease across the woman’s neck as she crumpled to the ground.
  • "In writing anything is possible. The writer is king, pauper, court jester, and the forests and towns they populate." ~Anonymous

  • "Writers aren't leaders or followers; they're more of an observer." ~ Anonymous

  • "To say that creative writing courses are all useless is almost as silly as saying all editors are useless. Writers of all levels can benefit from other instructive voices." Matt Haig

  • "Why shouldn't truth be stranger than fiction? Fiction, after all, has to make sense." Mark Twain