March 8, 2019

A Disturbing Question

β€œWhere are we?” He asked the man in front of him. Nothing. No answer.
March 16, 2019

See Between

A change instead. What if we’re all already dead? And this world is heaven…
March 17, 2019


The pull is undeniable. It’s strength reliable. Your resistance wants this moment to collapse…
March 17, 2019

Filled In

This thing we look upon. A wishful look held too long. The might of your eyes…
March 17, 2019

She Is Exiled

To herald your touch. I’ve seen in you such. A great and powerful wisdom…
March 17, 2019


Someone once said. The words drifted instead. A loss of self…
March 17, 2019

Self Realization

The image in the mirror. I stood stark and couldn’t believe. This creature was me.
March 17, 2019


One, two, three gone. For a reason I long. The ghost of a reason in song…
March 18, 2019


As we live and breathe. We will defeat this disease. The minds of the masses infected…