March 17, 2019

Self Realization

The image in the mirror. I stood stark and couldn’t believe. This creature was me.
March 18, 2019


As we live and breathe. We will defeat this disease. The minds of the masses infected…
March 18, 2019

Till Then

You laugh at the thought. Someday you too will be caught. In the drowning of sorrow…
March 18, 2019

Night Shade

It has grown from thought. Caught by the spark. And lit within the dark…
March 19, 2019


Circling around her. The world a blur. To only find she isn’t there…
March 19, 2019

You Can’t See

Malevolent monsters. Benevolent beasts. Are all welcome at this feast…
March 21, 2019

Last Fall

We pull, and we tug. We scream, and we flail. We’re not the ones who failed…
March 21, 2019

A Devil Inside

Deceived by the believer. They are coming for her. She stands her ground…
March 21, 2019

Where You Were

Watch where you tread. There are monsters in this head. The light will not fade…