March 21, 2019

Where You Were

Watch where you tread. There are monsters in this head. The light will not fade…
March 28, 2019


Where has he gone? Searching for a creature in song. The quiet places people occupy…
March 29, 2019

Out Of Control

You never know. The change can grow. It is always and forever present…
March 31, 2019

Let’s See If

Can we tell when? Who would say to begin? These worlds are full of us…
April 3, 2019


Gone to the winds whimsey. Seeing is to disbelieve. You won’t feel a thing…
April 4, 2019


Starting off small. Attempting to crawl. This journey has begun…
April 7, 2019


Gone is the time. Disappearances come to shine. I’m alone no more…
April 8, 2019

Never To Flow

She had became The differences the same When to veil or show A river never to flow
April 8, 2019

Unnecessarily True

Hollowed out by lies. A winters dream to die. A change in desired form…