Existence of God

March 17, 2019

She Is Exiled

To herald your touch. I’ve seen in you such. A great and powerful wisdom…
March 21, 2019

Where You Were

Watch where you tread. There are monsters in this head. The light will not fade…
July 17, 2019

My Mother’s Son

“I will turn you.” “I’ll never be like you!” With that, he pulled the trigger. The hole in her head bled for only a moment before […]
July 27, 2019

Forever Now

July 27, 2019

Pondering My Senses

Existing consciously. Falling helplessly. Attempting to understand. On a stage so grand. A pinpoint in time. What can we hope to find? A speck in space. […]
July 28, 2019

Spirits Among Us

In six words, tell your story of the above picture.
July 28, 2019

One In The Same

If the greatest trick the Devil ever pulled. Is convincing the world he didn’t exist. Then who is the one telling us all. We had better […]
July 30, 2019

Once Captured

She is but one. The moon-the sun. Twirling around. Never touching the ground. A crisis averted. Her mind asserted. To me, one with touch. Not given […]
July 31, 2019

Neon Lost