Word Origins

March 10, 2019


I have always considered this one of the strangest words out there. So peculiar in its spelling and for what it means. This is one of […]
March 17, 2019


The ancient Greeks personified the sun as a handsome god named Helios.
March 25, 2019

Your Morning Cup Of Coffee & Its Worldwide History.

Did you drink a cup of coffee on company time this morning? Chances are that you did--for the midmorning coffee break is rapidly becoming a standard fixture in American offices and factories.
March 31, 2019


c. 1600, "type of stone used for coffins," from Latin sarcophagus, from Greek sarkophagos "limestone used for coffins," literally "flesh-eating," in reference to the supposed action of this type of limestone
April 28, 2019


                We all know the word awkward because we have all experienced its meaning for a moment, or years if you’re like me. Even the words […]
May 12, 2019


                This is a word near and dear to my heart because it is something, I do everyday. To write is the bane of my existence. […]