writing life

March 6, 2019

How to Create Suspense in Your Novel

First, you need to understand how the suspense genre is different from the mystery genre.
March 7, 2019

The Three Act Story Structure for Planning Your Novel

So, for my next novel, I am plotting and planning my arse off.
March 9, 2019

Ending your Novel

A story ending can be either happy or sad; it can leave the reader uplifted or pensive or heartbroken. But it has to feel "right."
March 16, 2019

Successful Writing Habits

Have two or more projects on the go: Speaking of writer’s block, having more than one project on the go is never a bad idea.
March 17, 2019

Self Realization

The image in the mirror. I stood stark and couldn’t believe. This creature was me.
March 19, 2019
Find YOUR Audience

Who is Your Books Audience: The Answer IS the Key to Your Success

How you ever just sat down and thought about your potential audience for that book you are about to write or have just written? Well, I […]
March 19, 2019

You Can’t See

Malevolent monsters. Benevolent beasts. Are all welcome at this feast…
March 20, 2019


Given to blue. Unattainable you. This washing away is complete…
March 20, 2019

Once Here

Stark and vivid. You burn from delight. Carrying through the night…