writing mistakes

March 6, 2019

Writing Flash Fiction

I want to focus on some fundamental tips for writing flash fiction.
March 14, 2019

Writing Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

The best fiction writers write like they’re in love—and edit like they’re in charge.
March 23, 2019

Your Villain Is The Root Of ALL Evil, But Is He Believable?

When writing villains, it’s important to take them from pole to pole.
March 23, 2019

Paragraph Structure

Paragraph writing in fiction doesn’t follow traditional rules. Like storytelling itself, it is artistically liberated, and that liberation gives it the potential to contribute to the story’s aesthetic appeal.
March 25, 2019

How To Name Your Character PERFECTLY.

Getting the names right requires patience, she said, and sometimes it’s hard.
March 27, 2019

Writing A Psychological/Mystery Thriller

Writers are often told to write what they know, but the rise in domestic suspense has shown that book lovers want to read what they know. Psychological thrillers are set in familiar places – usually the home, but it could be the workplace (as in my latest, The Devil’s Work), at the school gates or on the daily commute.
March 29, 2019
Formatting your Book

How To Write That Great Mystery Novel—-And What Not To Do.

Yes, viewers of mysteries and thrillers like tightly-plotted narratives, clever red herrings, and a certain element of surprise. And you should always strive to weave as many of these aspects into your whodunit or crime story as possible.
March 30, 2019

You Have All The HOW-TO & KNOW-HOW To Write A Book—-Now Tell Me WHY You Want To Write A Book.

So, you have decided that you are going to write a book. The next great American novel. You have done your research on how to brainstorm, plan, plot, write dialogue, craft the perfect hook, and create that amazing twist of an end that will have them screaming for more.
April 2, 2019

YOU Need A Writing Schedule That Works—-Here’s How To Create One.

The key to a productive writing life is scheduling. And the best way to schedule your writing and stick to it is to determine your yearly goals first.