She Lay There


Grievances were given

Everyone proceeded by

She lay there

The people talked

The people cried

She lay there

Memories of long and close

One in particular just starred

She lay there

She lay there not because of slumber

And not because of death

She lay there

Because she was disparate from the rest

Not in guises—nor in dress

But in awareness and in thought

She was the only one they caught

A fairytale yesterday

A reality today

She lay there invulnerable

She lay there unreachable


She sat up

The people moved back

Sensitive to attack

She had no such designs

They had captured her but she had their minds

What they had seen as lying

What they had assumed sitting up

All that they had assumed

Kept her amused

Because reality had been bent

Their intellects limp

Her uniqueness was elsewhere

And at times neither here nor there

A ghost among ghosts

She lay there

Never once truly stirring when they came too close

She had not set up

They had not played host

It was her domain

It was where they remained

As long as they slept—As long as they lay there

She laid them bare

But as every day ends

Another must begin

And in-between the suns moment of glare

She waited


She lay there

About glennalias

Looking...Looking...and trying to find...
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