Predertmined Breaths


Unyielding on breaking through

Parting with myself

Personal dogmas—things I do

Dusty thoughts setting on their shelf

Continuous conversations from within

Interminable rationalizations

The sun may rise—the day begin

Running from an infinite hoard of paralyzing situations

Inhospitable surroundings—laughter—euphoric the ensuing

Riding up—collapsing—shooting stars—limitless depths

At once incessantly doing

At times hopeful for the last predetermined breaths

Time once an enemy come close

Sheltered with tablets of aspirant hope

Always the middle—I wanted the most

I have been on the chair and tied the rope

What stops an idea—a belief gone wild

Uninhibited ecstasy then profits the reigns

Days unto days unto never-ending joys piled

Opposites meet while neither gains

Predetermined breaths

Predetermined deaths

Some are cut short of their predestinations

We choose are choices—then live the parallel emotionsqth


Looking...Looking...and trying to find...
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