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The Novel Begins 3

2             My name is Joseph Tooley, and it was my father Jacob that went missing nine years ago out here in these very woods. No trace has ever been found of him in all that time. And believe me … Continue reading

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Word Of The Every Other Day

Mollify [mol–uh-fahy]  verb (used with object), mollified, mollifying. Definitions for mollify to soften in feeling or temper, as a person; pacify; appease. to mitigate or reduce; soften: to mollify one’s demands. Citations for mollify …my mother would be dragged from … Continue reading

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The Novel Begins

Prologue             The splintering bark showered him as the shot exploded into the tree a mere foot from his head. “You can’t hide. I know every corner of this forest, and it will be your burying ground.” Cresting the hill, … Continue reading

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Hello To All…It’s Been A Long Start To The Year

            Hello friends, fellow writers, lost souls, and singing troubadours. If anyone is still looking over my blog, I apologize for the lack of input on my part…but—I do have a reason for my absence. The fault is all mine. … Continue reading

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Which POV to Use

In the short amount of time that I’ve been learning this craft of creative writing, you know what I’ve found to be my favorite and most unexpected aspect to be? There are so many hardened rules to point you in … Continue reading

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